Frequently Asked Questions

When should I hire a tax strategist?
In our opinion, everyone who is not already a tax strategist should be hiring a tax strategist! Chances are extremely high that you are over-paying the IRS and more of your hard earned money could be going to investments that will help you reach your goals (or simply into your bank account!).
What time of year is the best time to get started?
As early as possible! While most businesses wait until Q4 to begin preparing for the close of the tax-year, the reality is that starting that late often doesn’t leave enough time to implement some of the most advanced tax-saving strategies (because… paperwork!). In reality, all of the information we need can be found on your previous year(s) tax documents, along with financial projections for your current year (which we can create using information you already have).
How are you different from my accountant?
Accountants are great, don’t get us wrong! The difference is that we specialize in tax-law and strategies that are more complex than you’ll find in typical accounting practices. Your accountant might be able to help you with implementing our tax-strategy plan, however for planning purposes we highly recommend working with a tax strategist that specializes in your industry.
What if I’m worried about getting audited?
Then you’re in good company! No one wants to be audited, audits are time consuming and stressful. The best way to handle an audit is to be prepared with documentation and detailed bookkeeping. When we create our Tax Strategy Plans we will direct you with exactly what needs to be documented should you be audited to provide you with peace of mind. And you can rest assured that any strategy we suggest is above-board, in alignment with tax-law, and won’t throw up any “red flags” to the IRS to cause an audit.
Our taxes involve more than just our Veterinary practice, do you handle other things as well?
Absolutely! Many of our clients have complex financial pictures including real estate, investments, other business entities, and the list goes on. When you work with us we will work on your entire financial landscape, not only your veterinary practice, and will provide you with a comprehensive plan for you to reduce your tax burden and reach your goals.
Are you licensed in my state?
All of our services are virtual and we do not require state-specific licensing. So as long as you are filing your taxes in the United States we will be able to help you. And if you’re using our tax-preparation services we can prepare both your federal and state tax returns regardless of where you are located.
How much does it cost to work with you?
We are very transparent about our pricing and all pricing can be found on our individual services pages. If you’re curious about a particular service go to that page, and read near the bottom where we talk about fees.
What if I just have questions about my taxes, can I book a call to talk with you?
At this time we do not offer free tax advice. Our free consultations are to determine whether we can help you with your tax planning, preparation, or bookkeeping and answer questions specifically about those services. That said, once we are working together we take great care of our clients and will answer any questions you have to help you reach your financial goals.
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